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            嘉必优燕窝酸  —— N-乙酰神经氨酸




            CABIO sialic acid —— Maternal love, continuous tradition

            The chemical name of sialic acid (commonly known as bird's nest acid) is N-acetylneuraminic acid. It is one of the components of human milk oligosaccharides in breast milk, and it is also the characteristic functional component of traditional high-end tonic food - bird's nest.

            Bird's nest acid can effectively promote the development and functional repair of nerve cells, epithelial cells and immune cells, this make it has the effects of improving immunity, promoting brain development, nourishing skin, and anti-aging.

            Jointly developed by Wuhan Zhongke Optics Valley Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd. - a substantially owned subsidiary of CABIO - and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CABIO’s bird's nest acid is a safe and high-quality new raw material for food as it is produced with fermentation technology. As an emerging functional ingredient, bird's nest acid has good application prospects in the fields of infant formula food, healthy food, high nutrition food and cosmetics. CABIO's bird's nest acid products will bring the infant formula food closer to the "gold standard of breast milk".

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