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            Being healthy, safe and environmentally friendly is always CABIO’s core value.

            With modern bioengineering technologies and renewable raw materials for industrial production, CABIO can minimize the use of land and natural resources and provide sustainable healthy nutrient solutions.

            In addition, CABIO’s products are not only better than traditional chemosynthetic products in quality, but also better meets and promotes the demand of consumers for natural and nonpolluting products.

            Following the requirements of ISO14001 and OHSA18001 and implementing stringent measures for low energy consumption and “zero pollutant” emission, CABIO has been awarded many honors including “environmental-friendly model enterprise” and “safe production demonstration enterprise”.

            Moreover, CABIO dedicates itself to being an excellent corporate citizen which is enjoyable to employees and recognized by the community; CABIO has established “CABIO Care Foundation”, by which many nonprofit activities such as education support, environmental protection, health and relief of the disaster-stricken victims are organized.

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